In 2006, Bruce Springsteen released his album "We Shall Overcome", "The Seeger Sessions". The story is that The Boss assembled  a  number of musicians from different styles to record an album in his home with a set  number of songs but no rehearsal before hand. You all know what happened, this album became a hit!
In 2009 Martha and I toured the southern states of America with me calling for square dance clubs. In Austin TX, we met up with Herb Steiner, who used to play steel guitar with our friend Jimmy Lawton. We met in the famous honky tonk "The Broken Spoke" where we had lunch together. Later on I had the opportunity to play harmonica with his band. 

With these two events, I arrived at the plan to set up the "Broken Spoke Sessions" for our annual garden party. You can take my word, this is the most fun thing I've ever set up!

Since I also produce square dance music and have my own little recording studio, I decided to register the name "Broken Spoke Music". This will be the label for all the music that I will produce in the future.